Here is a selection of reviews for some of my books.

Old-Fashioned Romance

A reader review from smashwords - I thought this was a cute, quirky little story. A very nice diversion for a quick afternoon read.
Thank you. (

A reader review from itunes - I enjoyed this book very much. It was well written and it is so nice to find a new book and author that can write and keep my interest. And not be so full of explicit sex. Congratulation,and thank you. This was a refreshing treat. (

Always the Bridesmaid

From book review blog website Your need to read -

Our current Author Spotlight is the author of our current review. I was looking for something light and fun to read, to switch up the pace and that is what I got with Always a Bridesmaid. Reminiscent of Bridget Jones' Diary, Ms. Pescardot weaves a funny, will things ever go my way, story.
 The main character Nicole is young woman trying to find her way in life, realizing she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life living at home, working a job she hates, always being a bridesmaid on other's weddings, and alone she heads over to her best friends house to ask the Universe to bring her what she wants. After a good chat, plenty of wine she sits down to write out what she wants in a man and ask the universe to bring it to her.
This starts her journey of job change, and puts her on alert to who "universe guy" just might be. Is it the good looking guy she met at the last wedding, is it the guy she met at the coffee shop, or is it the guy who sat down and talked her up at the club the last time she and her best mate went out? Every woman can see a bit of herself in Nicole.
This is a great story that follows Nicole through some funny episodes with her best mate, realizing what she wants out of life and a partner and coming to terms with who she is and accepting that.
You'll laugh, cringe, and shake your head in agreement with Nicole as she goes through her search for "universe guy" and smile in the end. This story will make you realize we can all find our own happiness if we just stop trying so hard and let things fall into place.

I give this one 4 stars. It is set in the UK and I admit there were a few times I had to look up a couple of phrases (being from America myself) but it was totally worth it. Take the time, grab the ebook and sit down with your glass (or if you are like me bottle) of wine and get read to have a good read! Priced at .99cents on Amazon and Smashwords it's worth the read :)

A review from book review blog website

Nicole Turner is every woman who has ever stood at a wedding and hated the bride. With her clock ticking and everyone around her finding the perfect match, Nicole begins to doubt herself. When her crazy friend Patty talks her into doing a love spell to help her find Universe Man, Nicole thinks they’ve both lost their minds.
Suddenly there are men everywhere, and they all have eyes for Nicole. As her world brightens, everyone around her seems to suddenly be failing. How will she know which man is ‘Universe Guy’? How will she help all the people around her while she tries to finally do something with her life? And what the heck is she doing on stage at a comedy club?
Full of quick wit and rowdy humor, Anna Pescardot weaves a tale any woman can relate to. With male characters so wonderful, so attractive, they must be fiction. But you’ll be rooting for them all!
In the beginning I was worried about the “Britishness” of the novel. I was afraid there were be references that I didn’t understand or slang terms that would be lost on my American ears, but it was never a problem. Well written, funny and full of honest feeling this romantic comedy is one for your must read shelf! Check it out TODAY for just .99 cents!


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