Thursday, 21 July 2011

Horrible Bosses - Is there any need?

Hi guys,

I saw a clip from the new movie, "Horrible Bosses" and it made me remember some of the horrible bosses I've had the misfortune to work for. And, let me tell you, there were so many I could write more than one book about them. I'd like to discuss today possible reasons why bosses are horrible. I believe there are four main reasons. Please feel free to add more in the comments box though, if you think I've missed something important. My reasons are as follows:

a) They are just plain psychotic. (I remember reading a newspaper article about this a couple of years ago; it said most bosses were psychopaths. Could this be a case of strange, but true?)

b) They are jealous. (They might not appreciate you coming in each morning with a huge grin plastered on your face, blabbing on about your gorgeous hubby and angelic children, when they've spent the morning yelling at their husband and trying to drag their teenage son out of bed.) The green-eyed monster is not a nice thing (and neither is the blue-eyed or brown-eyed monster, who happens to be your boss).

c)They hate their job. (I have come across this a lot. I think most of my horrible bosses fall into this category. The truth is, they hate their job so much but, because they've got bills to pay, and there aren't many other jobs around, they are forced to stay and shout at you all day; making your life a misery gives them something to look forward to.)

d) They are scared. (That's right, the evil presence in your workplace is actually scared of you. They're scared you're better than them, and that if they don't put you in your place and tell you how inadequate you are, that you'll steal their job from them.)

And there you have it. I just want to say that if you are a boss and you're not horrible then I hope you haven't been offended by this blog post.  If you are a boss and you are horrible, then I'm sure you have other more evil things to worry about. If you are your own boss then please be nice to yourself.

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Until next time,

Anna x

Monday, 4 July 2011

Are you still his love-goddess?

Hi guys,

Today, I want to talk about relationships (nothing new there then, lol!) and why us girls stay with men who've stopped treating us the way we deserve to be treated.

I mean, the guy must have liked you at some point, otherwise he wouldn't be your boyfriend in the first place, but why are you still with him when he is treating you like an old piece of chewing gum that's lost its flavour? Below are some signs that you are no longer his love-goddess. If you spot any I suggest making a quick getaway before you end up like an old-worn out shoe that he gave his dog to chew.

Signs you are no longer his love-goddess.

1) He doesn't answer your texts, your emails, your facebook messages, your phonecalls and you see him cowering in his living room when you knock on his door. Take the hint, girlfriend - he is scared stiff of you and would rather hide behind his settee for an hour, with a cramped back and a painfully full bladder than let you into his house. Your current status in his eyes = stalker. Your real status = too bloody good for him, that's what!

2) When you start moving closer for a cuddle he jumps up out of the chair as though you've just set him on fire, and tells you he just remembered he needs to get the mince out of the freezer (or some other similar weird excuse). Your current status in his eyes = frumpy (I'm sorry, but it's true. You may be wearing your sexiest underwear and everything, but he doesn't want to undress you to see it! He sees you as something comfortable and familiar. Quick exit time. Find someone who appreciates you while everything is still firm and wrinkle-free. Your real status = too bloody good for him that's what!

3) You're out together, but he keeps checking his mobile phone facebook page, is constantly sending texts to his mates (or other girlfriends - he won't let you look at his phone, so who knows?) and when he isn't doing this he's eyeing up other women. I know this sounds obvious that he isn't interested, but it's surprising how many women put up with this nowadays. Your current status in his eyes = boring (well,that's what he thinks otherwise he would be having an interesting conversation with you, or putting his tongue down your throat.) Your real status = too bloody good for him, that's what!

4) He arranges to meet you for a date and then phones beforehand to tell you he can't make it because he's either a) seeing his mate because his girlfriend's dumped him and he's upset, b) he has to work overtime (sometimes this may be genuine, check the other signs to make sure) or c) he's tired (he couldn't even be bothered to come up with an excuse here, so quick exit needed.) Your current status in his eyes = burden. Let's be honest with ourselves here - he doesn't want to see you - he's putting other people first. Your real status = too bloody good for him, that's what!

I hope you have got the message girlies - you are too bloody good for him! Make a quick exit and find someone else while everything's still in good shape!