Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I can't believe it's November

Hello guys,

Where has this year gone? Is it only me who thinks it has flown by so quickly I've not had chance to catch my breath? Strangely enough, now that November is here, I feel as though I can breathe for a while and prepare for the hectic holiday that is Christmas! I've just started a new day job; tutoring adults instead of children, for a change, and although I've only been there for two days I'm loving it. I've never liked a new job before - it's always taken me a while to settle in, but I've enjoyed my past two days very much and I have my fingers crossed it will continue.  As long as it does, I will be able to start writing a new book, hopefully. I am aiming to publish "Callie's World"extracts into a free book and then start working on a new chick lit romance.

I am also going to try and continue with Callie's World; however I may have to cut it down to two updates a week instead of three. I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, I was conscious that I'd been spending a little too much time updating Callie and neglecting this blog.

I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween as much as I did. People made such an effort with the decorations this year, and some houses had sound effects and everything - it was great!

Anyway, I am going to end here and I look forward to writing my next post on a special subject, a bit like the killer shoes or horrible bosses post.

Bye for now and thanks for reading,

Anna x