Monday, 8 August 2011

Why are men so obsessed with young women?

Hi all,

I read a newspaper article recently; it was discussing a blog written by a woman calling herself "Plankton". She uses this name because she believes she is at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to men. Having suddenly found herself single in her forties, she has noticed that single men her age either want women their own age or much younger women. She feels ignored and lonely. I felt so sorry for this woman, but it also got me thinking; if men on internet dating sites are asking for women under 40, they are potentially cutting themselves off from some great dates. For instance, if you are a man reading this, who would you rather date, Elle Macpherson - a model in her forties who, most people would agree, still looks great for her age, or a young twenty-something with three children by three different fathers who has a cigarette in one side of her mouth and a pork pie stuffed into the other half.  She swears, drinks a lot and wears tight leggings which highlight her podgy thighs and allow her muffin-top (that's belly flab in case you haven't heard the term) to spill over her waistband. You can get a great view of it swishing around, because she also likes to wear cropped vest tops, which also reveal her tattoos. So men, would you rather have the twenty year old or the woman in her forties now, eh?

There are going to be some older women who take care of themselves and look great and, even if you think the description of the twenty year old I've described above is over the top, believe me, I've seen plenty of young women in my local shopping mall who fit this description perfectly.

I hope that those men who advertise for young women get one of the women I see in my local mall - it will serve them right for being so picky!

Remember, age is only a label; it has no bearing on the individual woman - you are as old as you feel!

I hope this blog post has got you all thinking!

Bye for now,

Anna x


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